All commercial entries must have theme-appropriate decorations to participate.
The distribution, release, and display of balloons in the parade is prohibited.
Only one vehicle per float (no additional vehicles allowed without committee approval).

A parade participant’s meeting will be held in mid-November to update all participants on the 2023 parade.

Representatives from groups marching in the parade are highly encouraged to attend this meeting to receive up-to-date info for distribution to your parade participants. We need your help in making sure everyone understands the arrival times, parking info, and drop-off & pick-up recommendations.

      • Parade line-up is at the OSRAM Plant on Portsmouth Avenue (across from Exeter Lumber).
      • OSRAM opens at 1:00pm (do not arrive earlier than 1:00pm).
      • Please carpool to reduce vehicular traffic at OSRAM.
      • There’s NO PARKING AT OSRAM (we aren’t kidding).
      • Entrance to OSRAM campus will close at 4:00. Plan accordingly, it’s a looong driveway.
      • Judging begins at 3:30.
      • Parade starts at approximately 5:30.
      • Parade viewing ends at Swasey Parkway.
      • Parade participants (with a few exceptions) continue to Lincoln Street.
  • Please read RSA 265:108-a Parade Vehicles before you plan your parade entry.
  • The Parade Committee reserves the right to disallow inappropriate entries.
  • Unregistered entries will not be allowed to participate in the parade.
  • Alcoholic beverages aren’t allowed.
  • Balloons aren’t allowed.
  • Candy will only be handed out by parade volunteers.
  • Distribution of brochures or literature is not allowed along the parade route.
  • The viewing of the parade ends at the entrance to Swasey Parkway. All parade participants, with the exception of the marching bands and horses, continue to Lincoln Street.
  • The pick-up of float riders & walkers should be arranged on Lincoln Street. Lincoln Street School and the Exeter Handkerchief Factory parking lots are safe spots.
  • Applicants assume all responsibility for any loss or damage in connection with their float entry in the Exeter Holiday Parade.
  • The Parade Committee in conjunction with the Exeter Police Department reserves the right to cancel the parade for any reason – including inclement weather.
  • Announcements about parade cancellation will be made on the website no later than 1:00pm on parade day and on our facebook page.
  • An alternate parade date may be established.
  • Just a reminder, there is only one Santa Claus making an appearance in the parade.